Flat jacks with floating piston
ZE 078

Jacks with locking ring - extra flat
ZE 086

Light-weight, heavy-duty flat jacks, ZERK
ZE 067

Flat jacks with locking ring
ZE 087

Jacks with locking ring, 400 bar
ZE 075

Light-weight jacks with locking ring, 630 bar
ZE 076

Compact jacks with locking ring
ZE 0813

Centre-hole cylinders
ZD 083

Incremental launching equipment
AH 001

Clamp-type shifting units
AH 013

Hydraulic Buffers
GS 001

Tensioning equipment for cable-stayed bridges
SP 010

Post-tensioning systems
SU 012

Strand lifting and lowering equipment
AH 012

Swaged sleeve splice
HP 071

PTFE sliding pads
BH 006

General application brochure
AA 031

Quality - Certificate
ISO 9001