Privacy Policy

Your trust is very important to us. Therefore, we respect the privacy of your data and in form you about its safety and your legal right of disclosure, amendment, inhibition, and deletion.

  1. Data collection and storage
    Every time a website is visited, information about the browser and its version, the operating system, the referral URL, IP address, filename, access status, the amount of the data sent, as weil as the date and time of the server request is transmitted by the browser. This information is not shared with a person or a data source. lt is only stored and is then deleted after a statistical evaluation.

  2. Cookies
    Your browser also saves what is generally known as 'cookies'. These are meant to make internet surfing more user friendly. The storing of cookies can be turned off in the settings of your browser.

  3. Disclosure, amendment, inhibition and erasure
    Personal information (under your agreement) will only be stored to answer requests, to process contracts and for technical administration. Such information is inaccessible to third parties. The sharing of such data with third parties will only happen for the processing of contracts or with your agreement, which can be revoked any time. The sharing or selling of personal data to third parties does not happen. You always have the right to claim the disclosure about the stored data, the purpose of its retention and source. Additionally, you have the right under the stipulation of statutory requirements to amend, inhibit, and erase your personal data. An appropriate request or a wish for the amendment, inhibition, and deletion of your personal data is possible by contacting us at the address mentioned on the website.

Source and further information: just law Rechtsanwälte Göttingen