About us

The company Eberspächer was founded in 1930 by Emil Eberspächer in Stuttgart (Germany) and has developed over the years from that of a locksmith to a mechanical workshop to an engineering establishment. The corporate symbol was designed from his initials. Since 1957, the company Eberspächer has its headquarters in Kirchheim / Teck (Germany).

Today the traditional family-run Eberspächer GmbH company designs and produces special hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems to enable the lifting, lowering, sliding, or pulling of heavy loads.

Over 90 years of experience, development, and knowledge have made us global experts in the field. You can benefit from this by taking advantage of our extensive and qualified advisory service. Together we can develop the optimal technical and economic solution for you. Moreover, we can offer you a reliable and high-quality product manufactured by us.


Lifting, lowering, tensioning, sliding (incrementallaunching technique), levelling, locking, hydraulic components, post-tensioning concrete techniques, steel reinforcement splicing techniques

We are your professional partner when it comes to heavy Ioads.